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Effects Of Bad Posture

Highest Health Chiropractic Explains How Poor Posture Negatively Impacts Your Health

You probably remember the numerous occasions you were told to sit up straight by your parents. If you’ve not been hiding to the advice, you’re the kind of person who would be looking for chiropractors in Sioux Falls by now. You will be glad you followed the advice even though begrudgingly as there are some ailments that come about as a result of bad posture. This could lead to serious health complications if it is not corrected.

Where A Chiropractor Can Help

The shape of a person can be altered over time because of poor posture. When this happens, the spine might not be as effective when it comes to maintaining a proper balance and absorbing the shock in the body. Here are some of the reasons why you shouldn’t slouch often and might want to always sit upright.

Posture And Digestion

You’re probably wondering how slouching could possibly result in poor digestion. Working a desk job could sometimes mean letting the shoulders and the neck slouch over the abdomen and chest. It is crucial that you maintain a straight posture for the back at all times.  Maintaining a slouched position will lead to the compression of the abdominal organs which includes the digestive system. This could affect the rate of metabolism and digestion over time.

Back Pain

This is perhaps the most common effect of poor posture. It comes about as a result of disc degeneration. This means excessive pressure exerted on the spine in simple terms. The degeneration occurs when there is a thinning between the vertebrates discs thus losing the cushion.

Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

Poor posture is likely to cause issues with the spinal alignment. This will in turn lead to blood vessel constriction which affects the supply of nutrients and oxygen in the blood. The result is vein thrombosis and blood clots. This leaves you exposed and at risk of getting cardiovascular diseases. You can avoid such a predicament by making sure you’re always have an upright posture. You should also make sure you’re seeking medical treatment for spinal misalignment.


This happens when a part of the spine gets misaligned thus affecting the integrity and functioning of the whole spinal system. A person is likely to experience chronic backache when this happens.

Nerve Constriction

The bones and the spines will begin to change position because of bad posture. This leads to the skeleton system getting into contact with surrounding body nerves. You’re likely to experience a constant “pinch” which causes back and neck pain. They could also lead to experiencing pain in other unrelated parts of the body.

Sioux Falls Chiropractic Treatments

Treating the effects of bad body posture will become more challenging as you age but you shouldn’t despair as you can still get quality treatment. The provider that you go for will have a big influence on the recovery process. Make sure you’re going for someone with a track record of helping patients will spinal problems. For more information on treatment, you can reach out to


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