How Does Sitting Affect My Spine & Posture?

Video Transcription:
(Dr. Nate DeJong Speaking)

Hey guys Dr. Nate DeJong here from highest Health Chiropractic in Sioux Falls SOuth Dakota.
Today we are going to talk about Posture.

So we have a lot of practice member at our office that because of their job, they sit on a regular basis.
So then that means that we will get the question of “how should I sit”, “Is my job affecting my spine.”
The question is absolutely, ok, sitting is like smoking for your spine is kind of a way to say that.

It is very hard on your back especially if you do not sit with proper posture.

So if you sit, the advice I always like to give to people, I call it Butt to Gutt.
So when you are sitting in a chair and you are working at your desk, you should think about sticking your butt out and sticking your gut out and that is going to help keep the curvetures in your spine, which reduce the pressure you are placing on your back.

So if you look at this spine model here, so if you think about it if you site and you slouch over, what that does is it causes you to lose that curvature in your lower back and puts a lot more pressure on this part of your spine. Now, if you are sitting up tall, and you are thinking about sticking your butt out and your gut out, you are going to maintain those curvatures in your back which help reduce the pressure you are putting on your spine, and you are going to cause significantly less damage over time and you are going to feel alot better by doing that.
So when you site, butts and guts is my advice, sit up tall and maintain proper posture so you can keep the curves in your spine so you can do less damage while you sit at your desk.

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