Stretches and Exercises for Pain Relief

There is no shortage when it comes to chiropractic maneuvers practiced in today’s world, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to know all of them. Luckily there’s only around a handful which are favorites amongst chiropractors because of the success rate and popularity amongst clients. So below, we have listed the most common exercises you […]

Back Care Tips

The issue with back problems is that you don’t truly understand how terrible it is until you have them. Visiting a chiropractor in Sioux Falls is a great way to redress these issues, yet these might only be short-term if you don’t appropriately care for your back. This is the reason we have listed some […]

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What To Expect At Your First Chiropractic Appointment

First days are always nerve-wracking and they can keep you nervous and on your toes. From the first day of school to the first kiss, the first day at a new job or even your first time seeing a chiropractor for Sioux Falls chiropractic services, it is natural to have first-day butterflies in your stomach. However, this is mostly because each of these ushers in something new. Your first appointment with a chiropractor is no different because it ushers in a path to health and wellness, attending to your needs and delivering a positive healthcare experience.

While we understand that you may be terrified ahead of your first appointment with your chiropractor, below are some of the things to expect.

Scheduling an Appointment

Before your first appointment with a chiropractor in Sioux Falls, you want to make sure that you have scheduled an appointment and spoken to the chiropractor about a specific time to come in. To schedule an appointment, you can explore any of their communications platforms, whether through their website, email, phone, or by visiting their physical location to speak to their administrative staff. After making an appointment, you will be given a scheduled time to meet with the chiropractor to discuss your health needs and complaints.

Checking Into the Chiropractic Clinic

On the scheduled appointment day, you will be required to go into the chiropractic office where you will meet with the administrative staff to confirm your appointment. Most chiropractors offer a waiting area ahead of the appointment where clients can relax and remain comfortable until they are called in for their scheduled consultation. This experience can be similar to meeting with a doctor.

During the wait time, the staff may take some vital information including your height, weight, and blood pressure while also showing you the office layout to aid navigation from one point to the other.

Getting To Know Your Doctor

Your first meeting with the chiropractor will entail a series of questions from both ends. Your doctor will ask questions which are expected to help them better know you and understand the conditions for which you require improvements. The doctor will also complete a variety of physical assessments including reflex testing, neurological and range motion tests palpitations, orthopedic testing, and muscle strength tests to better diagnose your condition and develop a better approach to treatment. During this time, you may also be subjected to such examinations as an x-ray.

The Adjustment

If you have undergone an x-ray, the doctor will interpret the results, return you to the treatment room and perform a series of manipulations which are aimed at re-aligning affected areas in the body.

Please note that your first appointment may be filled with moving different body parts as much as possible in order to get a good idea of areas which require adjustments. Your doctor will be gentle but apply firm pressure to ensure those body areas of interest are firmly re-aligned. More often than not, you will be advised to relax and enjoy the process.

After Your Adjustment

Your chiropractic doctor may schedule you for another appointment day depending on the level of treatment and care you require. In some cases, the chiropractor may also incorporate deep tissue techniques like ultrasound, electrical stimulation, cold laser therapies, and others to ensure that the set goals are achieved.

Your chiropractor will always strive to leave you in a better state than you walked into their office. To get started, visit Highest Health Chiropractic at



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Chiropractic care for spinal problems at Highest Health Chiropractic in Sioux Falls

Why spinal problems frequently return

There are pain problems that are easy to deal with, but that is not really the case when it comes to back pain. Most often, back pain indicates that something has happened to your spinal cord, but spinal cord pain is often hard to understand. The spinal cord runs from just above your lumbar segments through the cervical and thoracic spinal canal and up to the base of your brain. Sometimes there are problems with the cervical spine that can cause an impact on the spinal cord and produce pain and other issues such as difficulty with coordination; problems with the nerve roots are quite common, but very often the cause is not as clear as it should be. Going to a chiropractor in Sioux Falls is a good idea. Most people who start to experience back pain just take some back pills and wait for magic to happen; and if the pain does subside to a certain extent, they just keep going that way. But the fact that there is pain indicates that something much worse might be wrong and should be looked at by professionals. Neglecting to seek the appropriate help that your back needs is why that pain will keep coming back. Acting as if it simply does not exist is not going to make it go away!

If you can’t get rid of your back pain, you should contact us

A chiropractic procedure can help the nerves in your thoracic spine to heal as they should, resulting in less back pain problems. It is well known that people who get chiropractic help experience more energy and are more active; this is because chiropractic treatment helps to reduce the tension that they have in their spines and allows the nerves to work more effectively. There are people who doubt the efficacy of these treatments, and they look down on the idea of periodic chiropractic checkups. But their pain only gets worse until they end up coming around to the idea of getting help. That back pain might subside for some time but what really caused the problem, to begin with, is still there and the pain will come back eventually and get worse. 

Facing problems that do not go away

Spinal problems might not produce any noticeable symptoms for a long time, or even years after the initial injury occurs; so, by the time you actually realize that something is wrong, there is no telling how long it has actually been going on for or how severe the real problem is. But patients will often come in and say that it just happened when they suddenly lifted something weighing a mere ten pounds! Well, maybe that is when they noticed it, but the underlying issue has been there a lot longer. But there is help for your pain problems, of course. The first step is to go in for a checkup and then follow a good chiropractic care plan. Such a plan will provide you with noticeable improvement in as little as a few weeks. But that is only the beginning, because the underlying muscles and soft tissues must be properly treated for lasting spinal recovery. Some people who do go for initial treatment fail to follow up with their plan because they think that once they feel some improvement that is all that they need and they fail to take advantage of the benefits that ongoing supportive care would provide.

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how does sitting affect my spine and posture

How Does Sitting Affect My Spine?

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Simple Stretching Techniques From A Sioux Falls Chiropractor For Fast Back Pain Relief

Back pains can be a joy killer. You might not be able to enjoy normal activities like everyone else. You should make sure you seek medical care as there could be an underlying problem. This could necessitate searching for back pain relief Sioux Falls alternative medicine solutions. Sometimes you can get rid of the pain by performing basic stretches. People may turn to alternatives like painkillers and surgery because of the debilitating nature of back pains. Having a stretching routine could just be as effective as other means when it comes to treating back pains.

How Does Stretching Relieve Pain?

Before we can examine the best stretches for your back, we need to look at the reasons why it is so effective. When you move and stretch, you help to loosen up the muscles. This will, in turn, get rid of the momentary back pain. Not only does it provide relief from pain but also helps in strengthening the back which will minimize the chances of experiencing the same pain in the future.

Child Pose

You’ve probably seen how children like to pose when they’re lazy. Start the stretch on all fours. Reach out to your arms while you sit on your hips and only release the grip when you feel a mild stretch. You can hold the stretch for 10-15 seconds and repeat it around five times.

This stretch helps in improving the mobility and flexibility of the spine while relaxing the muscles at the same time.

Hamstring Stretch

This stretch is used by professional athletes because it is known to be effective in getting rid of hamstring injuries but can also work on the back. Start by sitting on the floor with one leg straight while the other one is bent. Lean forward slowly while you maintain a flat back hanging from the hip and only move away from the posture when you feel a stretch. Hold on the stretch for about 15 seconds and repeat five times.

The back usually gets tight when you spend a lot of time sitting down. The results in pulling off the back when you lean forward. Flexible hamstrings relieve the back the pressure that comes with bending and lifting of objects.

Trunk Rotation

You should be lying down on a flat surface with the knees bent. This should be done while also maintaining the upper back flat from the ground. Make sure you’re repeating the stretch on the opposite side of the back. This type of stretch is helpful because it helps in improving the mobility of the spine.

Add Stretches And Sioux Falls Chiropractic to Your Regular Routine

If you experience back pain regularly, stretching exercises need to be incorporated in your daily routine. Doing it once in a while might not be as effective when trying to get rid of back pain. You can start the stretching immediately you wake up in the morning so that you don’t lack time during the day. For more information, you can check out


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Frequently-Asked Questions About Seeing a Chiropractor

If you’re in search of pain relief, a chiropractor could be the answer. Most people are not always sure if they need the services of a chiropractor and will questions before making a decision. If you’re looking for a Sioux Falls chiropractor, there are some basic considerations to have in mind. Finding the right chiropractor can help with relieving the pain as it chiropractic therapy has been proven to help with a myriad of chronic pain conditions.

What is a chiropractor?

A chiropractor can be described as a professional who is charged with the responsibility of diagnosing and providing treatment for neuromuscular disorders. The emphasis is usually on physical adjustments or what we call manipulation of the spine.

What is the meaning of chiropractic care?

Chiropractic care is seen as an alternative or complementary medicine. The focus is mainly on the assessment and treating pain symptoms that come about as a result of neuromuscular disorders.

What do chiropractors do?

The purpose of chiropractic care is to optimize the restoration of the spinal alignment. There are people who study the Palmer method of chiropractic and believe it can provide relief for just about any ailment from back pain to common flu. Perhaps the most common type of chiropractic treatment is called spinal manipulation therapy (SMT)

Is A Chiropractor Visit Really Useful?

There have been numerous studies and evidence to show that chiropractic care can be very effective if administered in the right way. It has been proven to work on patients with chronic back and neck pain. Research has also shown that those patients that receive spinal manipulation experience less pain because of the treatment. You can seek the services of a chiropractor for pain management.

Does It work?

The short answer is yes, it works. It is a preferred treatment for pain as it is non-invasive. Studies have shown that chiropractic care can be an effective treatment for numerous pain conditions. Back and neck pain are the two main conditions that can effectively be addressed chiropractic care.

Are These Procedures Safe?

Chiropractic is not only safe but also free of side-effects that you’d experience with other forms of pain management treatments. Numerous studies have shown that those suffering from lower back pain have a higher chance of experiencing severe side-effects when taking over the counter drugs.

How many sessions do you need?

There is no straight answer to this question as the number of sessions needed will depend on the patient and the needs. An experienced chiropractor should help in making you feel better in the shortest amount of time possible. You should ask about the time estimates during the initial consultation with the chiropractor.

How much does a chiropractor cost?

The cost will always be an important consideration when looking for a chiropractor especially when looking at a long-term treatment plan. A chiropractor could be seen as a cheaper and more effective treatment. For more information on where to get treatment, you can check out




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