Can Chiropractic Care in Sioux Falls Help with my Headaches & Migraines ?

You betcha! Specific chiropractic care in Sioux Falls can help to align the spine, release pressure on the neck and nerves heading directly from the top of the spine and into the head, and reduce frequency and intensities of headaches and migraines! We have many chiropractic testimonials of our practice members who have seen their headaches or chronic migraines reduce greatly or disappear greatly!

How quickly does chiropractic care work for headaches and migraines?

Now, do not mistake us on this one – we are not saying one single adjustment will do the trick and poof! No more headaches ever again. but we have seen amazing results with out practice members who get regular chiropractic care!

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Check out Dr. Nate’s video below explain exactly how chiropractic care can help with headaches and migraines!

Headaches? Call Highest Health Chiropractic!

Treatment for headaches and migraines at Highest Health Chiropractic in Sioux Falls

Transcription of video:

Hey guys Dr. Nate DeJong here with Highest Health Chiropractic in Sioux Falls South Dakota 

Today we are going to talk about headaches and migraines.
So a very common issue or symptom we see our practice members come into the office with is chronic headaches and chronic migraines. 

The question is: Can you help with it?
The  answer is: Absolutely!

There are a couple different mechanisms behind how the spine is related to headache. Let’s talk about it!

The first one is the upper part of the neck, a lot of those nerves exit the spine and they circle back up into the head.

So if we get rotation or misalignment  of the bones in the upper part of the neck, we irritate those parts of the nervous system, and those are the nerves that are coming back up into the head, so that can be the root cause of headaches or migraines!

The other mechanism, and we hear this one a lot, is people say “ oh when I get tension in my neck, that tightness, as it gets worse, it just triggers  headaches and I feel like I get tension headaches all the time. “

How that happens is that the first phase of spinal degeneration is the loss of the curve of the spine. When you lose the curve of the spine, what that does is it causes the head to drift forward which pulls on the back side of the neck. When it gets really bad, that muscle tension can trigger those headaches. 

What we do is we help improve the structure of the spine Which helps to reduce how far forward that head is going,  which takes tension off the muscles, reduces pressure off the nervous system, headaches go away! 

So by improving the structure and the function of the spine, especially in the neck, we can get to the root cause of headaches and Migraines!